What is Ethical AI and why did we start it ?

As a registered non-profit organization in France, Ethical AI is dedicated to supporting classical artists in the face of the growing competition from artificial intelligence (AI) in the art world. Our mission is to provide ability certification as an added value to the works of classical artists, ensuring authenticity and preserving the integrity of their skills.

We recognize that AI is rapidly changing the way we create and consume art, and that once the Pandora’s box of AI tools is open, it is unlikely to ever be closed. Instead of seeking to ban or overly regulate AI tools, we believe that it is better to highlight the skills of classical artists and provide them with a competitive edge in the marketplace.

By providing certification and support to classical artists, we aim to create an ethical framework for the use of AI in the art world. We believe that by supporting classical artists, we offer AI artists and synthographers a way to explore their creativity in an ethical and responsible manner.

At Ethical AI, we are committed to promoting the skills and talents of classical artists, and to providing a platform for them to showcase their works to the world. We believe that by supporting classical artists, we can help to ensure that their skills and talents are recognized and valued for generations to come.

What are our values ?

At Ethical AI, we are driven by a strong set of values that guide our work and mission. Our core values include:

  • Equity: We believe in creating a level playing field for classical artists, where their skills and talents are recognized and valued regardless of their background or circumstances.
  • Solidarity: We are committed to working together with classical artists and other stakeholders in the art world to create a supportive and collaborative environment for the promotion of their skills and talents.
  • Diversity: We recognize the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the art world, and we are committed to promoting the works of classical artists from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures.
  • Universality: We believe that the skills and talents of classical artists are of universal value, and that their works have the power to inspire and connect people from all walks of life.
  • Inclusivity: We are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all stakeholders in the art world, including classical artists, AI artists and synthographers, AI companies, and those who use AI. We believe that by including all voices and perspectives, we can create a more equitable and sustainable ecosystem for the promotion of skills and creativity.
  • Promoting Skills: We believe that promoting the skills and talents of classical artists is the key to achieving excellence in the art world. We are committed to providing a platform for classical artists to showcase their works and to highlight the unique skills that they bring to the table.

By living these values, we strive to make an impact in the art world and to help preserve the skills and talents of classical artists for generations to come.

What is our mission ?

Our mission is to promote the skills and talents of classical artists by providing ability certification and support, while fostering an inclusive and equitable ecosystem that values diversity and universality, in order to achieve excellence and preserve the integrity of classical art for future generations, inspired by our passion for the arts.

What is our purpose ?

Our purpose is to support classical artists by providing ability certification and support to ensure authenticity, in an effort to create an ethical framework for the use of AI and to foster diversity, inclusivity, universality, and excellence in the art world, setting ourselves apart from competitors by promoting the skills and talents of classical artists instead of banning or regulating AI tools or certifying piece by piece their productions.

Who are we ?

We at Ethical AI are a dedicated team of artists, scientists, AI researchers, and art enthusiasts who have come together to support the art community. Our management team and advisors are experts in their respective fields, with a deep understanding of the intersection of art, technology, and ethics. We also have a large group of volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure that our organization runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our management team is comprised of individuals with a wealth of experience in the art and AI industries, including:

  1. Dr. Abderrahim Benmoussa, President, creator and director of Ethical AI, researcher, AI and classic artist with years of experience in non-profit organisation, ethics, data science and art.
  2. TO BE DEFINED, VP development, a renowned AI researcher with years of experience in the field.
  3. TO BE DEFINED – VP external affairs, a seasoned art professional with a deep understanding of the art market and its challenges.
  4. TO BE DEFINED – Administrative and financial Secretary, an experienced financial professional responsible for managing the finances of the organization.

In addition to our management team, we are also fortunate to have a group of advisors who are renowned experts in the field of ethics and art. These advisors include:

  1. TO BE DEFINED, a renowned philosopher and ethicist with a specialty in the ethics of AI.
  2. TO BE DEFINED, a respected art historian and scholar with a deep understanding of the intersection of art and technology.
  3. TO BE DEFINED, a communication specialist with a deep understanding of how to communicate complex AI concepts to the masses.

With this experienced and dedicated team, as well as a large group of volunteers, we are committed to promoting the skills and talents of classical artists, and to providing a platform for them to showcase their works to the world. We believe that by supporting classical artists, we can help to ensure that their skills and talents are recognized and valued for generations to come and face the challenges that come with the popularisation of AI art generators.

What are our overreaching goals ?

At Ethical AI, our overreaching goals are to promote a co-existing and inclusive art community where classical artists are recognized and valued, and where AI art is a respected and integral part of that community. We strive to find a way for artists, ethical synthographers, and AI to coexist and thrive in the ever-evolving world of art and technology.

We recognize that AI learns from human artists’ works, and we aim to support those artists whose investment in time and skills are being used by AI for training without compensation. To achieve this, we provide a distinctive badge to these artists, ensuring their skills and talents are recognized and valued.

In addition, we are committed to supporting culture and classical artists across the globe by providing training and artistic events, as well as audit services for companies that use AI or develop AI tools. We also aim to provide a clear Ethical AI code of conduct that guides the use of AI in the art world.

Moreover, we aim to empower artists to use their right to withdrawal from training datasets and to develop automated anti-web scraping tools and AI training tools for those that do not wish their work to be used as training datasets. Furthermore, we want to support research on the impact of AI tools on classical artists and the society, and strive to find solutions to limit the negative impacts on them.

In short, our goal is to create an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable ecosystem where classical artists, AI artists, and synthographers can coexist and thrive, while preserving the integrity of classical art for future generations.

Why getting certified an Ethical AI Human Artist?

In today’s rapidly evolving art world, the traditional portfolio is no longer enough to distinguish skilled classical artists from those who use artificial intelligence (AI) tools to generate high-quality images and music. As the use of AI becomes more widespread, it can be increasingly difficult for classical artists to defend the authenticity and value of their work.

That’s where Ethical AI comes in. By obtaining certification as an Ethical AI Human Artist, you are demonstrating to your clients and the art community that you are a skilled professional who has honed your craft through years of training and hard work. With this certification, you are able to present a quality badge that sets you apart from others and increases confidence in your services.

Obtaining Ethical AI certification also ensures that the value of your work is recognized and respected. It’s a way to distinguish yourself from cheap AI-generated works and to attract clients or companies that value human investments over productivity. It also appeals to those who refuse to use AI-generated works. In an age where AI is becoming an increasingly prevalent force in the art world, obtaining Ethical AI certification is an essential step for classical artists looking to protect and promote their skills and talents.

Who can be recognized as a Human Artist ?

At Ethical AI, we recognize that the definition of a human artist can be complex and nuanced. However, we believe that any classical artist who can demonstrate their skills and abilities through a portfolio of works that have been created without the use of AI generators for composition, should be recognized as a human artist. This means that our certification process is designed to evaluate the artist’s skills and abilities through a rigorous and comprehensive process that takes into account factors such as technique, composition, and creativity.

What media are certifiable ?

We provide ability certification for a wide range of media, including traditional art forms such as painting, drawing, and inking, as well as digital art forms such as digital painting, music (by instrument), and writing.

How does the certification work ?

Our certification process is designed to ensure authenticity and promote the skills and talents of classical artists. It is a four-step process that is easy to complete and provides a valuable addition to your portfolio.

Step 1: To begin the certification process, you will submit a form indicating your medium and sharing a link to your portfolio on the platform of your choice.

Step 2: You will then provide us with the raw data files of some of your productions from your portfolio, so that we can inspect their authenticity.

Step 3: We will then set up a 30-minute virtual meeting with you, during which we will assess your skills and abilities live, based on our Standard Operating Procedures for the Certified Human Artist program.

Step 4: Upon successful completion of the assessment, you will receive a certificate with a unique identifier and a badge stating your ability in the said medium. You will also be listed among our Certified Artists, which can be found through your identifier on our website or by scanning the QR code on your certificate. This badge can then be attached to each of your productions, and the QR code will link directly to your personal certification page on our website.

Additionally, you can purchase a physical certificate, which will support Ethical AI and can be included in your physical portfolio. In the long-term, we aim to build non-transferable certificates logged on a blockchain for transparency, security, and decentralization purposes. By obtaining our certification, you will be able to showcase your skills and abilities to the world, and take the first step towards recognition and validation in the art world.

How much does it cost ?

At Ethical AI, we believe that all classical artists should have access to the recognition and validation that our certification program provides. That’s why we offer our certification services completely free of charge to artists. We understand that many classical artists face financial challenges, and we want to remove any barriers that may prevent them from obtaining our certification.

To keep our certification services free for artists, we plan to raise funding from a variety of sources. This includes support from AI artists, AI companies, and company users through our Ethical AI Label Program, as well as government support and donations from the art and AI art communities.

We believe that the art community and the AI art community can play a critical role in helping to support classical artists, and we encourage all individuals and organizations who value the arts and the skills of classical artists to support our endeavor.

With your support, we can continue to provide a valuable service to classical artists, helping them to showcase their skills and talents to the world, and to achieve recognition and validation in the art world. Whether you’re an AI artist, an AI company, or simply someone who values the arts, we welcome your support and encourage you to make a donation today to help us continue our mission.

How can AI artists and Syntographers help the Art community through Ethical AI and why should they ?

As AI artists and synthographers, you have the unique opportunity to play a vital role in shaping the future of the art community. By supporting Ethical AI, you can help to ensure that the dataset on which AI is trained and improves is not limited to circular and redundant productions.

Artists bring a human touch to any production, adding a layer of emotion and humanity that cannot be replicated by AI alone. They bring creativity and unique perspectives through the specificities of each medium, whether it be a beautiful digital piece or a painting on a canvas with impasto. Supporting the skills and talents of human artists is crucial in maintaining the diversity and richness of the art community.

By getting certified as an Ethical AI Supporter, giving donations, or buying merch, you can support the development of Ethical AI and make the AI world a more inclusive and ethical place. You can continue to explore your creativity without guilt, knowing that you are making a positive impact on the art community. All proceeds from your support will go towards the development of Ethical AI, as outlined in our development plan (LINK). Together, we can ensure that the art community thrives and evolves in a way that values the skills and talents of all artists, human and AI alike.

How can Artists, Artist communities and organisations help Ethical AI in supporting the Art community ?

As artists, artist communities, and organizations, you have the power to make a significant impact on the mission of Ethical AI and the support we provide to the art community. By joining forces with us, you can help to ensure that classical artists receive the recognition and validation they deserve for their skills and talents.

There are many ways in which you can help Ethical AI support the art community. Some of the ways you can get involved include:

  1. Volunteering for one of the open positions within our organization (Link). This can be a great way to contribute your time and skills to our mission.
  2. Supporting us financially by becoming a sponsor and being listed among our sponsors (Link).
  3. Sharing Ethical AI with the AI art community and art communities, and providing feedback and advice (Link).
  4. Organization can sponsor, provide grants or help with development, infrastructure and cost management, legal, outreach, and diffusion.

By supporting Ethical AI, you will be helping to promote the skills and talents of classical artists and to provide a platform for them to showcase their works to the world. This can help to ensure that their skills and talents are recognized and valued for generations to come, and can make a positive impact on the art community as a whole.

We are grateful for any support that you can provide, and we look forward to working together to make the art world a more inclusive, equitable, and ethical place for all artists.

How companies that develop or use AI tools can support the Art community through Ethical AI ?

As a company that develops or uses AI tools, supporting Ethical AI positions your company as a leader in the industry, committed to ethics and social responsibility.

By investing in Ethical AI, your company will gain access to a network of experts in AI and ethics, providing valuable insights and perspectives to inform your own practices and products. This ensures that your company adheres to the highest ethical standards, enhancing your reputation and building trust with customers and stakeholders.

Supporting Ethical AI also supports the emergence of a new entity that aims to provide auditing services to ensure that industry practices are ethical and to support research into ethics in AI, positioning your company as a leader in responsible and ethical practices.

Furthermore, supporting Ethical AI supports artist communities, provides grants for artistic projects, and builds a bridge between the AI and classical art communities, ensuring a place for everyone in the art world.

Investing in Ethical AI is not only an act of corporate social responsibility but also a smart business move that benefits your company, the art community, and society as a whole, and ensures the recognition and value of human artists in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.


At Ethical AI, we pride ourselves on our commitment to fostering a more inclusive and equitable art community. As such, it is only fitting that the creation of this website and all of its content was a true reflection of that commitment. By relying on both human and machine work in its creation, we aimed at finding the perfect alchemy to value the contributions and skills of human actors while supporting the development of AI tools, which we believe can be a most efficient way for humanity to thrive, if used ethically.