Standard Operating Procedure for Certifying Classical Artists:

Standard Operating Procedure for Certifying Classical Artists:

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  1. Application: Artists will submit an online application through our website, indicating their medium and providing a link to their portfolio on the platform of their choice.
  2. Review of Portfolio: Our team will review the artist’s portfolio to ensure that it meets the minimum requirements for certification.
  3. Raw Data Inspection: The artist will provide us with the raw data files of some of their productions, which we will use to inspect their authenticity.
  4. Assessment: We will set up a 30-minute virtual meeting with the artist during which we will assess their skills and abilities live, based on our standard operating procedures.
  5. Evaluation: Our team will evaluate the artist’s performance during the assessment and make a decision about whether to certify them.
  6. Certification: If the artist is certified, they will receive a certificate with a unique identifier and a badge stating their ability in the said medium. They will also be listed among our certified artists on our website.
  7. Recertification: Artists will need to recertify every two years to ensure that their skills and abilities are up-to-date and to maintain their certification status.
  8. Appeals: Artists who are not certified will have the opportunity to appeal the decision through our appeals process.
  9. Continuous improvement: We will regularly evaluate our assessment process and gather feedback from certified artists to make any necessary changes and improvements.
  10. Ethical considerations: We will ensure that all ethical considerations are taken into account throughout the certification process, including issues related to intellectual property rights, fair use, and discrimination.
  11. Transparency: We will be transparent in our certification process, providing clear criteria and standards for certification, as well as explanations for any decisions made.
  12. Confidentiality: We will maintain the confidentiality of all artists’ information throughout the certification process.
  13. Communication: We will communicate regularly with artists throughout the certification process to ensure that they are informed of the status of their application and any next steps.
  14. Record Keeping: We will maintain accurate records of all certification decisions and assessments.
  15. Quality control: We will establish and maintain a quality control system to ensure that our assessment process is accurate, fair, and consistent.

Certification Criteria:

  1. Medium: Artists must indicate the medium in which they wish to be certified (e.g. painting, sculpture, digital art, etc.).
  2. Portfolio: Artists must provide a link to their portfolio, which should demonstrate their skills and abilities in their chosen medium.
  3. Authenticity: Artists must provide raw data files of some of their productions, which we will use to verify the authenticity of their work.
  4. Skills Assessment: Artists must demonstrate their skills and abilities during the live assessment, which will be based on established standards and criteria for their chosen medium.
  5. Creativity: Artists must demonstrate their creativity and ability to produce original and unique works.
  6. Technical proficiency: Artists must demonstrate their technical proficiency in their chosen medium.
  7. Professionalism: Artists must demonstrate professionalism in their work, including adherence to ethical standards and respect for intellectual property rights.
  8. Passion : Artists must demonstrate a passion for their art and a commitment to their craft.
  9. Continual improvement : Artists must demonstrate a commitment to continually improve their skills and abilities through ongoing education and training.
  10. Ethical considerations : Artists must demonstrate that they are aware of and adhere to ethical considerations related to their medium and the use of technology in the art industry.

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